George Soros
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The biggest case of persecutors is mostly ignored.  He and the people he has supported need deliverance, prayer and blessing.  We need to pray for him and all those who handle his money.

When a young boy, George Soros, a Khazar,  turned in Jewish people to the evil Nazi’s for money.  Google “Judenrat Soros” and read the 60 Minutes interview with Steve Croft, where Soros claims he does not even feel guilty for helping the Nazis! 

He shorted the pound sterling and damaged England’s economy to make a billion dollars in 1992.

His conviction as an inside trader was recently upheld despite years of appeals and fights.

He is the richest hedge-fund manager (and seventh wealthiest American) who bowed out of that business because of coming tax hikes and closer scrutiny of transactions due to Dodd-Frank.

He told his party that they “bought it, we own it, and we’re going to take it back”.

From 1994 to 2002 George Soros built a "Shadow Party."  to funnel funds to leftist causes.  When the McCain-Feinman act went in, Soros built 527 corporations to make anonymous funnels for the money.

Soros and 91 funds finance the Tides Foundation along with other Marxists to finance socialist, Marxist and Muslim organizations.  It is a "charity," so it doesn't inform on who gave.  It is the BIG pipeline for funds against America.

In 2004, he financed Obama for the senate.  In 2008, he financed Obama for the presidency.

In 2005, Soros paid $2m to an organization that was making a leftist constitution and bill of rights for America.  Members of this organization are in our government right now.  It is called the American Constitution Society.  They intend to have enough people subject to the government to pass them in 2020.  All of this is in the book, The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever by President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, who has maintained extensive ties to Soros’s funding.

Soros has spent $400m to colleges to promote liberal and leftist causes.  He founded the Central European University in Hungary to promote leftist education worldwide.

In 2008, Soros bought a large position in and then short-sold Lehman Brothers, causing it to fail, and starting a chain of  failures in the (September) “October Surprise” that turned the election to his kept man Obama and the Marxist Democrats.  McCain had said that the economy was doing okay; Obama said it wasn't.  After Soros crashed the financial markets, Obama looked prophetic.  But he had just been in on what Soros was going to do.

Soros owns a Spanish firm that’s been hired to count the votes in many jurisdictions.  Soros has helped get AG’s elected in various states to help commit fraud on the courts if that should be needed.

When Obama took weeks to get to the Gulf Oil Spill (and did his photo op), as he left it to be handled by BP, he STOPPED All oil drilling. A short time later he sent Brazil the money to DRILL in their country.  The company was Petrobras, which “Ironically Soros had invested two days before his puppet Obama, sent them the billions to drill.”  Think that Soros told Obama to invest in Brazil, to cover his own invested billions in Petrobras? Answer: Yes.

These are things that most people don’t know, as they WON’T investigate, and Certainly they DON’T learn these things from.

The Leftist dominated Media continues to cover for Obama and Soros.

Soros headquarters his hedge fund in the Cayman Islands.

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In early 2014, it looked like the Democrats were going to win the midterm elections, despite opening the Mexican border for illegal immigration.  But the American blacks began to realize these Mexicans were going to take the jobs away from them.  Some of his executive orders were leftist enough to cause the liberals to take a second look at what Obama was doing.  Obama decided to play it safe.  He said the economy was in bad shape. This was the signal to ask Soros to come back from Greece and collapse the American markets again. But the patriots got ready for Soros to come back by cleaning their sniper rifles.  He didn't come back.

As things got worse for the Democrat's midterm elections, he kicked off the Ebola plague with Soros at his elbow.  It was started in three places in west Africa simultaneously.  The World Health Organization was doing a vaccination program and these cases matched the dates of them coming to those towns.  A riot beat those "vaccine" medics to death. This was not the original Ebola; this one was ten times as contagious and just as lethal.  The U.S. government said there was no vaccine to stop it. This was false.  Once it got going good, he dropped all containment from Africans coming to America. He resisted any quarantine measures for these Africans, even if they had a temperature. Guaranteed, this would damn America, just as Jeremiah Wright had advocated.  Obama would certainly get dictatorial powers for "handling" the major epidemic.  Suddenly, a funny thing happened.  Ebola lost its lethality and contagion in Africa and America at the same time!  It was stamped out.  No dictatorial powers!  ;-)

  The leftist Democratic party lost the midterm elections big time.  Obama looked like a loser to the leftists.  IRS was given powers to confiscate the assets of people and corporations without requiring an indictment.  All news media had to obey their censorship or be destroyed.  Obama declared that Ebola was just as dangerous as ever. The news media couldn't say that Sierra Leon and Liberia had saved themselves, using nano silver.  Only and could say so, since Obama couldn't touch their assets.

edited: April 21, 2017